Linda Bradshaw / Bookkeeper

Liberty’s passion and legitimate search engine optimization is amazing. They really should be in every business owner’s rolodex. If you want to rank then let them look at your site.

Kenneth Haywood / Small Business Owner

If you ever have the chance to work with LDA then do it. Their skills and knowledge are cutting edge. I cannot even put into words my gratitude for their help. They are the best hands down.

Peter R. / CEO

Liberty has to be one of the top SEO consulting companies that I am aware of. Unfortunately I had to go through a few of them before I met these guys. I highly recommend Dan and his team!

Gary Grewal  / IT Business Owner

It’s one thing to know how a network works and it’s a whole other thing to rank on search engines. I flat out learned that the hard way. Liberty Digital are seasoned Internet Marketing Experts. Their simple, yet effective strategies consistently deliver the results my company needs to see.